2014 Field Day

On June 28 and 29 the Southwest Metro Amateur Radio Society (SMARTS) participated in the 2014 ARRL Field Day, reaching radio contacts from coast to coast and practicing radio communications for future emergencies. These drills are designed to encourage operation in abnormal situations and in less than optimal conditions. This year the team made an antenna using common house wiring, black electrical tape and fallen tree branches. In a camping tent behind the Chaska Public Works building, using a radio powered by a solar panel and the home made antenna strung from two trees we had amazing results. Our favorite contact was a radio operator riding his bicycle in California! Members of the SMARTS team support the Carver County Medical Reserve Corp, Chaska CERT Team, Metro Hospitals, Skywarn and other emergency responders. We are your neighbors with antennas on our cars and homes ready to provide communication support “when all else fails”.


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