Field Day

ARRL Field Day!

Field Day is the forth full weekend in June

Is Field Day a contest, an emergency preparedness exercise, a public relations demonstration, a great event for clubs, or just a fun way to get on the air?

Field Day is ALL these things!

Each year, the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) sponsors a “Field Day” event that encourages Amateur Radio operators to test themselves. The objective of is learn how to setup and use your equipment in abnormal situations and to make as many contacts with other radio operators as possible. In addition to educating yourselves, it is also used as an opportunity to share information about Amateur Radio with the public.

Field Day is held every year on the fourth full weekend of June. It begins at noon on Saturday and goes until 3:00pm on Sunday.

Our groups generally have 4 to 10 participants with an occasional news paper reporter, emergency service personnel or government official. We have setup in public parks, hospital parking lots and a variety of other locations and operated from campers, tents and other structures.

Make plans to join us for our next Field Day.


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