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  1. hi, haven’t checked this in ages.i move to friendship manor by the 11th of july as my time runs out at the other place. they took my right big toe off; and now wait to see when they sew it shut, so i can get on with my life if i dont run out of money first. end 73
    where is the june issue? end this is july 3rd end

  2. Hi Bill,

    Thank you for the comment. I am glad you liked it. I have not put out a June issue because I do not have anything to write about. I will need to gather some information for a July issue. The first two issues were dry runs to get the newsletter started again.

  3. Hi Folks,

    I know I have been lax in my duties to take over the newsletter. I have been lazy and honestly have forgotten about it. I hope to change that. I am going to work up a short questionaire that I will hand out at the upcoming meeting. This information will be basic general questions about each member so I can put it in the member profile section of the newsletter. I will have to come up with more material as well so suggestions would be welcomed!

  4. Hi- my son (13) and I would like to get into ham radio operating, but don’t know where to begin. We live in EP, and so the Bloomington group and you are the closest venues, and Thursday evenings are great for both my boy and I.

    Could someone contact us, to let us know more about this hobby.

    Rev. JS Moir

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